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Application Requirements

Before you prepare a DA for a major development such as a new building or major refurbishment, please contact Council's Development Advisory Team or Customer Contact Centre to discuss your proposal.

We'll help you find out:

  • whether your proposed development is permissible 
  • whether a DA is actually required
  • how the City's plans, codes and policies affect your proposed development
  • the information and documents required to submit a DA
  • the required fees payable.

e: council@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au
p: (02) 9806 5000
In person at City of Parramatta, 126 Church Street, Parramatta NSW 2150

Construction certificate

When undertaking any building or structural work, you'll need to get a Construction certificate, previously known as a Building Application, in addition to securing consent with a DA.

A Construction certificate certifies that the detailed construction plans and specifications are consistent with the development consent and complies with the Building Code of Australia. The Certificate is required prior to commencing work.

You can obtain a Construction certificate from City of Parramatta Council or from an accredited private certifier.

For minor work such as partitioning, a joint DA and Construction certificate submission may be made to City of Parramatta Council.

Downloads the forms below.

Combined DA and CC Application Form

Certification Additional Information Form

Planning instruments

It is your responsibility to ensure the relevant planning controls and policies, also known as planning instruments, have been identified and satisfied.

The City has a range of planning instruments that apply to various types of development and locations within the City of Parramatta Council area.

Environmental planning instruments 

Development control plans (DCP)