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Granny flats

A granny flat or secondary dwelling is a self-contained house built on the same block of land as an individual home. Granny flats can be attached to the main house or can be a separate structure.

Granny flats can add value to your home, provide flexible housing for elderly family members or younger people who have not left home or generate extra income if rented out.

application process

To apply for consent to build a granny flat you will need to get approval from City of Parramatta. 

Complying development

Complying development is development that meets specific standards in the State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009 and the Exempt and Complying Development Codes 2008.

Applications can be determined by a council or private accredited certifier without the need for a full development application. Complying development is a faster approval process, while ensuring stringent planning and environmental requirements are met through a set of prescribed approval conditions. Most complying development applications can be approved in 10 days.

Find an accredited certifier from the Building Professionals Board

Notifying neighbours

To encourage greater communication between complying development applicants and their neighbours, the State Government has introduced mandatory notification requirements if you use the complying development system to carry out works on your property in residential zones.

Applicants should consult with their neighbours at the earliest opportunity to help them understand the building plans. Ideally, this should take place before detailed plans are drawn up and before you submit your application.

Neighbour notification zone 20m

Neighbours within a 20m radius of the proposed complying development site will be notified by an accredited certifier (council or private) when they are processing a development application within a residential zone.

Neighbours have no objection rights to a complying development proposal because it meets minimum impact criteria on surrounding properties.

An application cannot be approved for at least 14 days after your neighbours are notified. The property owner (in most cases the applicant for the certificate) is also required to give neighbours at least 7 days notice before works start.

Development application

If your proposal does not meet all the requirements under the State Environmental Planning Policy (Affordable Rental Housing) 2009 and the Exempt and Complying Development Codes 2008, you will need to lodge a Development Application.

The granny flat will be required to meet the requirements of Parramatta Local Environmental Plan 2011 and Parramatta Development Control Plan 2011.

development contribution

Some developments including complying developments may require a contribution to the City towards public amenities and services. Your accredited certifier is responsible for determining if a contribution is required. Applicants must pay their contribution before commencing the development  works. 

Development value

Development contribution levy (% of development value)

Less than $100,000


Between $100,001 and $200,000


Exceeding $200,000