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Future City

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About future city

Parramatta is transforming into a smarter, future-focused city. Council has been working on a range of applied Smart City projects that use data as a tool to improve planning, decision making, and services.

In August 2015, Parramatta became the first local government in New South Wales to adopt a Smart City Masterplan to better position the City to meet the challenges of the future and leverage the opportunities of data, information and technology to improve peoples’ lived experience of the City.

Delivering a smart city

Council’s Future City Program involves working on a range of Smart City and Future City initiatives outlined in the Smart City Masterplan:

  • Smart City projects use data as a tool to improve planning and decision-making.
  • Future City projects focus on positioning the City to prepare for future challenges and opportunities.

Council also has a Smart City Advisory Committee (SCAC) to provide independent advice on the long term development of Parramatta as a Smart City. The Committee includes two Councillors (Chair of the Committee, Cr Issa, and Cr Pandey) and representatives from industry.

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