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Tree Types

Purple Crepe Myrtle Flower

Phase one Tree Species

For more information on the tree species being planted as part of Phase 1 of this program, please click on the tree title and download PDF.

Spotted Gum

This majestic drought-resistant native tree is beautiful year-round. Stunning when planted as a boulevard, this tall elegant tree grows a large canopy that provides filtered shade.

Magnolia ‘Little Gem’

This lush-looking evergreen tree grows a classic oval-shaped canopy and is well known for its large and fragrant bowl-shaped creamy white flowers.

The Little Gem’s compact form and hardy nature is well suited to streets with overhead power lines and narrow nature strips providing good sized trees and shade in confined spaces.

Pink/Red Flowering Yellow Gum

This upright broad canopied evergreen Eucalypt is striking year-round with a silvery mottled cream trunk, grey/green leaves and sprays of pink/red flowers from Autumn to Spring. This tall elegant tree provides generous shade and is well-suited to creating inviting streetscapes.

Smooth-leaved Quandong

This native evergreen grows in a narrow upright shape with abundant glossy dark green leaves forming a dense canopy. This fast-growing elegant tree is quite narrow relative to its height making it well suited to constrained streetscapes with limited space. 

Crepe Myrtle

This beautiful deciduous tree grows at a moderate to fast rate and develops a spreading round-shaped canopy. This compact hardy tree is well suited to streets with overhead power lines and narrow nature strips, they also do well in hot, dry climates.

Brush Box

This fast-growing and drought-tolerant evergreen native tree grows into a dense oval shape. This elegant tree is well suited to streetscape environments in Parramatta. It is very hardy and provides deep shade underneath its spreading canopy, helping to cool our streets during the hot summer months.