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Parking Finders

Parramatta CBD Parking Finder

The new interactive Parking Finder helps people locate potential parking spaces before they leave home. The Parramatta CBD Parking Finder provides information about on-street and multi-storey car parking in the Parramatta CBD including how long you can park and costs.

In a first for New South Wales, the Parking Finder also shows all on-street accessible parking spaces, complete with photographs and rating, and provides entry height details for multi-storey car parks.

To find parking, go to the Parramatta Parking Finder website.

Safe School Parking Finder

Launched in 2018, the Safe School Parking Finder is an online map-based tool covering 60 schools in and around Parramatta. The interactive site is designed for pre-journey planning and shows parents and carers where they can safely and legally park around their child’s school.

The parking tool is available in 15 different languages: Arabic, Armenian, Chinese (simplified and traditional), Dari, English, Gujarati, Hindi, Indonesian, Korean, Persian (Farsi), Punjabi, Tagalog (Filipino), Tamil, and Telugu.

To find parking, go to the School Parking Finder website.