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Parramatta CBD

Parramatta CBD Planning Framework

Parramatta CBD planning proposal

The significance of the Parramatta CBD has been recognised in the State Government’s strategic planning framework for a number of decades. Its current recognition at the heart of the ‘Central City’ in the Greater Sydney Region Plan - A Metropolis of three cities and the Central City District Plan continue to strengthen the significant economic function of the Parramatta CBD and its role in providing necessary housing, employment, recreation and cultural opportunities.

To manage the significant growth and changes in the CBD, Council has prepared a Planning Proposal to amend the planning controls for the Parramatta CBD contained in Parramatta Local Environmental Plan 2011 (PLEP 2011). The Planning Proposal broadly seeks changes to the Parramatta CBD boundary, land use mix, primary built form controls, and the mechanisms for infrastructure delivery. This is to achieve the City of Parramatta Council’s vision for the growth of the Parramatta CBD as Australia’s next great city.

Preparation of the Planning Proposal is specifically acknowledged in the Greater Sydney Region Plan under Objective 19 and in the Central City District Plan under Planning Priority C7. Changes to the planning framework are needed to stimulate employment and dwelling growth for the Parramatta CBD to fully realise its potential.

Latest news

September 2020

Exhibition of the planning proposal for the Parrramatta CBD is underway until Monday, 2 November 2020. Head to Participate Parramatta for further details including accessing the planning proposal documentation and supporting information and how to lodge a submission.


If you would like to discuss any part of the Parramatta CBD Planning Proposal or need further information, please contact the Land Use Planning team on 02 9806 5050.