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Road Safety at Schools

Road safety educational tools available for school communities

City of Parramatta encourages schools and/or their P&C’s to actively promote road safety within their school community.

Schools can review parking restrictions around their schools and advise Council if any changes to parking restrictions are required by email to roadsafety@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au. Council acknowledges that schools and/or P&C’s are in the best position to represent the interests of parents/students and are able to consult with their school community (if needed) so that a consensus is established.

Council can provide schools with a number of road safety educational tools and road safety programs to encourage and support the education of motorists within their school community.

Schools can provide their school community Council’s ‘Road Safety Around Schools – Travelling to or from school’ educational flyer via newsletter or email. The flyer provides parents/carers with young children, information to consider when parking near schools while also providing young motorists (who drive themselves to school) helpful information on road rules. The ‘Road Safety Around Schools – Travelling to or from school’ educational flyer is available in:

Motorists within the school community may also benefit from reviewing ‘The top ten misunderstood Road Rules’ as provided by TfNSW.  The Road Rules on ‘U Turns’ may be of particular interest to school communities.

‘Road Safety – Keeping Kids Safe at your School’ presentation

Council also provides a road safety presentation for parents and carers. The ‘Road Safety – Keeping Kids Safe at your School’ presentation has been developed and is presented by Council’s Regulatory Team to raise awareness of road safety issues around schools. The presentation is delivered to schools P&C’s and includes a PowerPoint presentation and safety tips, including the explanation of common signs and Road Rules around schools. The presentation runs for approximately 10 minutes (plus any question time) and provides a framework for discussion about how to increase children’s safety when dropping off and picking up children from school.

It is recommended that all schools within Parramatta’s LGA promote this initiative to their P&C. Past experience has shown that it is beneficial in improving road safety awareness to parents/carers. To book a presentation in 2020 for your school’s P&C, please call Council’s Road Safety Officer on (02) 9806 5768 or email roadsafety@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au to book a suitable time and date.

Aluminium educational ‘Road Sign’ banner

Council can provide schools with an aluminium educational ‘Road Sign’ banner (supplied and fitted for free). This banner provides information in understanding the meaning of some commonly found road signs around schools.

The aluminium educational road sign banner is available in English, Arabic, Chinese Simplified (Mandarin), Chinese Traditional, Hindi, Korean, Urdu.

This is an example of the English banner.

Specification of banners

  • Size: 2400mm x 600mm
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Installation: Depending on the fencing available, signs will either be bolted or screwed in an appropriate area to the school fence.  

To organise the installation of an aluminium educational road sign banner, Schools/P&C’s can contact roadsafety@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au with the following information:

  1. School Name
  2. Nominated preferred language

Once the sign is manufactured, Council will provide and install the sign (at no cost to the school).

Road Safety Education program

TfNSW in partnership with education sectors fund the Road Safety Education program. This supports the delivery of road safety education to students by classroom teachers, from early childhood to the end of schooling. It is part of the formal school curriculum and pre-service training for teachers. Schools can contact road safety education specialists in their sector for further information. Contact your road safety school education specialist.

School zones

School zones are under the care and control of TfNSW (formerly Roads and Maritime Services). This includes:

  • Installation of new school zones – new school, new direct access point
  • Removal of school zone following closure of a school
  • Installation of all 40km/h School zone signs, patches and dragon’s teeth markings
  • Operating times of 40km/h school zones
  • Installation and maintenance of School zone flashing lights
  • Traffic signals
  • Installation and maintenance of all speed zone signs, including 40km/h school zone signs.

Requests regarding school zones should be submitted to the Feedback form.