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Active Citizenship

Active Citizenship Poster, National Conference 6-8 November 2019 in Parramatta

National Conference 

Wednesday 6 – Friday 8 November 2019, Parramatta

Active citizenship - people acting deliberately to contribute to the civic life of their communities and create positive change - is crucial in developing and sustaining healthy societies and healthy democracies.

The City of Parramatta Council hosted a national conference (November 2019) designed to share and progress effective approaches to enabling active citizenship and community-led action.

The conference was attended by people and organisations involved in designing, delivering, researching and funding strategies seeking to enhance the capacity of people for civic engagement and creating positive change in the community.

The conference program aimed to ensure that participants were able to learn from effective approaches undertaken in different contexts, and from the lessons learned by those implementing them. Presentations, guest speakers and workshops addressed one of three themes: First Nations, Social Investment/Social Enterprise, and General.

Conference participants reported the program and discussions to be thought-provoking, challenging and timely and increased their capacity to develop programs and support community empowerment.

View the Conference Program

Conference Presentations

Conference Presentation PDFs can be accessed via the below list, provided in order of their day and session in the conference program.

Presentations without author permission to distribute are not available through Council or this website. Access can be sought through direct contact with the presenter. Enquiries can be directed to ccb@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au

Guest Speakers

Naomi Nash on Rethinking Leadership: Building capacity for positive change

Prof. Sarah Maddison on 21st-century activism: Active citizenship and community advocacy today