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Commuters coming down stairs from Transport Interchange

From 1 April 2011, the Roads and Maritime Service (formerly the RTA) has advised all Mobility Parking Permits holders that their permits must now be displayed in the newly introduced national 'Mobility Parking Scheme holder' or they will be deemed invalid and not eligible for parking concessions.

City of Parramatta therefore urges all Mobility Parking Permit Holders to ensure that they are using the new national Mobility Parking Permit Holder to display permits.

A Mobility Parking Permit Holder can be obtained by visiting any RMS location. Be sure to take your current MPS card with you.

This new system has been introduced to combine all Australian State and Territory's Disability Schemes.

If you have not received your new national Mobility Scheme Permit card holder from the RMS, please contact the RMS immediately on 13 22 13.

For more information:

e: RMS website

p: (02) 9806 5000 (City of Parramatta)