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Pay a Parking Fine

Parking Ranger issuing a fine.

Paid parking is one element of a larger transport management plan for Parramatta. In recent years, City of Parramatta has implemented a free Shuttle Bus within the City CBD, introduced park and ride facilities, T-Way bus routes, upgraded its car parks and improved street signage. Revenue from ticket parking is reinvested back into the community via neighbourhood revitalisation projects, resources and infrastructure.

You must pay parking fines within 21 days of issue via:

  • online via Revenue NSW*
  • By post to State Debt Recovery Office, PO Box 4444, Parramatta NSW 2124 (Attach a cheque or money order with the penalty notice number written on the back) 
  • p: 1300 130 112*
  • Post Office Billpay

* Visa Card or MasterCard 

If you are having trouble paying the penalty amount, please contact the State Debt Recovery Office, who can advise you on other payment options. 

Payment must be made to the State Debt Recovery Office. City of Parramatta cannot accept payment of fines, either by mail or at the Customer Service Centre.


You may appeal a fine through the following methods:

  • electing to go to court to have the matter heard

  • submitting a request to the State Debt Recovery Office

For further information, please refer to City of Parramatta's Parking Enforcement Policy.

Parking meter refund 

If you have paid for parking at a parking meter in Parramatta and have not received a ticket, please call 1800 017 827 (free call) so that a technician can attend to the meter.

Please ensure that you purchase another ticket from a working meter machine to display in your car. Parramatta City employs a ‘pay and display’ system, and failure to purchase a ticket could result in a penalty notice.

To claim a refund of your money, please complete the parking meter refund form below this page and we will refund you within 2–3 weeks.

Parking meter refund enquiry

Please complete the below form if you've paid for parking at a parking meter in Parramatta, didn't receive a ticket and would like to claim a refund. We will access your claim and send you a refund within 2-3 weeks.

Parking Meter Refund form

Your details
Please provide your postal address for cash refunds if approved.
Payment details

Please provide as much information as you can to speed up processing

Not sure what Meter ID it was, find meter number on the map here
Time e.g. 12:30:00 PM
First Payments Types
Second Payments Types
e.g. 123456 ... 1212