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Resident Parking Permits

City of Parramatta provides residents who live in specific areas of the Parramatta Local Government Area (LGA), especially near large employment areas and educational facilities, special parking permits.

The permit allows you to park your vehicle conveniently without the risk of parking violations, by parking your vehicle within the signed time restrictions within the designated resident parking scheme area.

If you are an eligible resident in one of the suburbs below, you can apply for two resident parking permits and a visitor parking permit for each home. For more details on your suburb and street, refer to the Permit Parking Scheme Areas - Street Guide

All permits are valid for one year from the date of issue, after which a new application must be submitted.

Permits are only valid whilst you live within the Parramatta LGA. You will need to call the Customer Contact Centre on 9806 5050 to cancel the permit if you move out of the area.

As of 3 July 2017 all applications will be treated as ‘new’ applications.

To apply for a resident and/or visitor permit, you'll need the following documents to verify the eligible address details for drivers and vehicles that will be using the permit:

  • current NSW driver's license or NSW photo card
  • current NSW vehicle registration (If you have a company vehicle, you'll need written permission on a company letterhead to use the vehicle)
  • recent utility bill for either, electricity; gas; water; internet; home phone; current rental lease agreement or rates notice, all reflecting the eligible permit address.
  • pensioner or student concession card (if applying for a concessional rate)

If you are applying for a visitor parking permit and do not hold a driver's license, you will need to provide photo ID which states your current address.

How to apply

If you meet eligibility, it's easy to apply for a parking permit.

If you're not applying online, you'll need to download the application forms below, complete them, and scan or print them (depending on how you are paying for the permit) and include them with your application. Methods of payment include:

  • online  (Credit card payments only)
  • e: council@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au
    Credit card only# 
  • f: 9806 5904
    Credit card#
  • m: City of Parramatta
    PO Box 32
    Parramatta NSW 2124
    Cheque, credit card#, money order
  • City of Parramatta
    126 Church Street
    Parramatta NSW 2124 
    Monday - Friday 8.30am - 5pm
    Cash, credit card, money order, cheque

#Credit card authorisation form required.
Applications not made in person may take up to three business days.

Application forms 

Download or print out the application forms below, necessity dependent on how you pay for your permit, and complete them before applying for your parking permit:

Please read the Terms and Conditions of Use for Resident and Visitor Parking Permits carefully before completing the application form(s). Parking permits are valid for one year from the date of issue and must be renewed annually. 

Cost of parking permits

The costs of the permits are based on City of Parramatta's 2020-2021 City of Parramatta Fees and Charges and are subject to change. Refunds are not available once a permit has been issued.