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Dundas Park

Sports grounds will reopen for outdoor sporting competitions from Wednesday 1 July for both adults and children. Further information can be found on the NSW Office of Sport website. Visit City of Parramatta's COVID-19 webpage for the latest information. 

LOCATION  Yates Ave, Dundas Valley NSW

GETTING THERE - Quarry Street is the best place to park if you are after the playspace and water play area. Otherwise Yates Avenue has parking spots available closest to the amenities building and public toilets. 

PARK DETAILS - The whole park is called Dundas Park, the sports fields are known as Curtis Oval and the water play area is known as Philip Ruddock Water Playground. 
The park is a popular family park with lots of opportunities for your recreation and fitness. The facility features 3 sporting fields used by a variety of sporting clubs, schools and community groups. During winter the ground is used for football. During summer the ground is used for cricket. 

FACILITIES AVAILABLE - Dundas Park features the following amenities:

  • Public toilets available from 6am-8pm
  • Amenities building
  • District playspace with water play
  • Street parking
  • Outdoor exercise equipment
  • Circuit path
  • Refillable water station
  • Cricket nets
  • Barbecue and picnic facilities
  • Netball court

PLAYSPACE -  A skill based and imaginative based playspace most suited to 0 to 5 age group. The space features a mixture of water fountains, slide, swings and climbing equipment. The playspace and water play areas do have a shade sail. 


p: 02 9806 5140
f: 02 9806 5927
e: bookings@cityofparramatta.nsw.gov.au


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