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Payments and Online Services

The City Of Parramatta Council has a range of payments, permits and applications that can be made online. The Council website is open 24-hours a day, 7-days a week all year round so it is easy for you to transact when you want and where you want. 

    Click the links below or use the navigation to find payments and online services. 



    1. To complete your transaction or request you will be redirected to https://onlineservices.parracity.nsw.gov.au/
    2. Payments to the City of Parramatta Council can be made with either VISA, MASTERCARD or AMERICAN EXPRESS with a minimum payment of $20.00.
    3. Infringements issued by Council can be paid online at the State Debt Recovery Office website where you can also find payment options including credit card and Bpay.