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Sport Club Development

The City of Parramatta Council is committed to supporting our local clubs.

Club spot

Club Spot Online Training and Resource Hub, created by Sports Community, is an exciting support system to help your club grow, strengthen and succeed year on year.

Provided at no cost to local sporting clubs by the City of Parramatta, the training and support resources will help save time and ease the workload for your volunteers by delivering training and support in an effective, accessible way.

What will your club get?

  • Online, accessible, clear and simple training programs.
  • Printable tools, resources, templates and checklists.
  • Monthly emails containing 'To do checklists' of key activities for the month, specific to each club's season.  These are linked to the best available resources in the country.
  • A platform that can also host Council’s information for clubs and volunteers to access.
  • Access to hundreds of pages of resources on the Sports Community website that are locked to non members.
Resources for club volunteers



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