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Know Your Flood Risk

FloodSmart Parramatta now provides flood risk information for the Upper Parramatta River which includes the upstream areas from Parramatta CBD. This will allow you to understand if your property is at risk of flooding and how frequent or significant floods could be.

Other areas will be made searchable as new data becomes available.  If you live outside of this area you can check your properties section 149 certificate or apply for a Flood Enquiry Application.

Find out now if your home or business is in a flood prone area

Enter your address below to find out if your home or business is at risk of flooding. Click on the map next to your property to view the full information.

Flood Risk areas explained

  Common Description Technical Description
High Risk Area
  • Frequent flooding is common
  • Near the main river and creeks where water flows during a flood, including overflow from drainage
  • This area will see the fastest flowing and deepest water and cause a significant risk to life
High hazard flood area within the 1% annual exceedance probability (AEP) (1:100)
Medium Risk Area
  • Frequent flooding will be rare
  • Where the flood water goes once the creek/river areas overflow
  • In rare floods these areas have the potential for deep and fast flowing water
Medium and low hazard area in the 1% AEP (1:100)
Low Risk Area
  • Flooding is extremely rare
  • Generally, away from the river or creek and higher up
  • If a flood affects these areas it will cover a large area with dangerous water in many places
Area from the 1% AEP (1:100) up to the Probable Maximum Flood
Everywhere Else Not expected to flood but there still could be local incidents water running off the land and of street drainage not coping with rainfall amounts.

Area outside the Probable Maximum Flood. There may still be isolated impacts from local overland flow.

Don't forget, even if your property is not in the high, medium or low risk areas you may still see the impact of floods in your area. These could include:

  • deep and fast flowing rivers and creeks
  • closed roads or bridges
  • impacts on travel routes
  • submerged fields or parks
  • flooding to other homes, schools or businesses.

Important information about the Know Your Risk Map

  • This mapping is not intended for development or planning use and will not be accepted by Council as evidence to influence a development application.

For detailed flood information, required by Council for planning and development applications, please submit a Flood Enquiry Application.

  • This mapping provided above shows the current best estimation of flood risk using existing officially adopted City of Parramatta flood model data.
  • The data provided is already available to the public through the floodplain development process and has not been created specifically for this project.
  • Risk areas shown are for educational purposes only and should be used by residents and businesses to determine if an emergency plan is needed.
  • The mapping is not intended to accurately represent impacts on the ground during a flood for emergency response purposes.
  • Every flood is different please make sure that you prepare for every eventuality.