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George Kendall Riverside Park Masterplan

The City of Parramatta has developed a masterplan for George Kendall Riverside Park in Ermington. It outlines the future vision of the park as a unique and regionally important recreation destination interwoven with a resilient and diverse ecology. It will have a strong sense of place that is engaging, contemporary and culturally relevant, building on the existing physical qualities of the park.

The vision is to create an unique and valued riverside park that optimises the potential of its rich layers of history, its unique setting, and its intriguing topography, as well as satisfying a wide variety of social and recreational opportunities. The sporting and recreation uses will be embedded into the park and provide a diverse range of structured and informal recreation opportunities, catering for increasing recreation demand.

The park will have a strong ecological framework contributing to the important local and regional ecological values. Vegetation patterns in the park will evolve over time to offer greater diversity in ecological habitat and landscape types.

Key features of the masterplan

  • develop internal circuit paths and develop other fitness stations in proximity of the circuit paths
  • rearrange use of lower fields to allow soccer
  • develop a new sports field in the central area of the park to allow cricket and soccer
  • provision of centrally located amenities building to service new lower and central fields
  • develop multi use courts in an accessible and central area
  • develop a centrally located district playground
  • new larger picnic areas in the vicinity of the district playground
  • fenced off leash dog exercise area
  • improved pedestrian links and access
  • drainage works to assist stormwater flow
  • connect ecological areas and increase habitat diversity
  • create recreational links to important ecology

Project Staging

An implementation / action plan has been developed based on council’s priorities and community consultation feedback, including minor short term works (including high priorities) and major long term works.

Minor Works - Short Term

The first phase of works is focused on the renewal and improvement of sports and recreation areas in the northern and western areas of the park. The first phase will also include the expansion and diversification of planting, including the establishment of no-mow grasslands, in areas of the park where no earthworks are planned.

The first phase includes:

  • district playground
  • informal path connections
  • north-south and east-west connecting paths
  • demolition of existing hardcourts and paths
  • native tree, shrub and ‘no-mow’ grassland
  • native grassland expansion
  • advanced tree planting
  • tennis courts adapted to one multi-use sports court and one tennis court.
  • new picnic areas
  • seating
  • reconfigured and recondition sports fields
  • signage
  • drainage improvement works

Major Works - Long Term

The second phase of works is focused on the central and eastern areas of the park. This includes large scale earth mounding and assorted planting. New pathways link through the eastern park area. The new central sports field and related additional parking on Gregory st is established in this phase. The final phase further develops the earth mounding and planting through the central and eastern areas of the park. A series of constructed wetlands can be added to harvest and treat stormwater in the centre of the park. A centrally located amenities building will provide enhanced facilities for expanding sporting use.

The second phase includes:

  • new sports field in centre of park
  • expanded hardstand parking at Gregory St
  • earthworks for large scale earth mounds
  • east-west connecting paths
  • boardwalk link to historic wharf and river views
  • native tree, shrub and ‘no-mow’ grassland
  • native grassland expansion
  • advanced tree planting
  • park seating
  • centrally located amenities building
  • constructed wetland system

More Information

For more information, see the full George Kendall Riverside Park Masterplan.